The importance of community for women today

The importance of community for women today

I have a new obsession with the show Broad City. If you haven’t watched it yet, you should. Although crude and vulgar at times – I love the depiction of womanly friendship. It’s not the cutesy bff gal friendship either – it’s real and full of the messiness of life. Even though it is dramatized for TV, I relate to on a serious level.

Female friendship and community have ALWAYS been an important aspect of my life. Fellow women in my life have been my guide to processing and surviving everyday life. Which is why my college best friend and I created Writing Home Society. We first had the dream of creating a magazine and it slowly transformed into a space for women to connect. As creatives, we always found space in communities when we moved to a new city – but what about all those other women getting stuff done and searching for a community?

We wanted to make a space for them to connect and grow… space for them to be known, supported and missed if they disappeared. We still produce content and we have dreams of working with female makers, but for now – we are gathering women in our living rooms over books and food. We recently launched a book club and this summer will launch Society Dinners.

The book club meets in living rooms and online. The dinners will be hosted by women for women. Think of a potluck dinner party full of fresh new faces. It will require a level of bravery to show up at a stranger’s home, but once there, our dream is that you make connections and form friendships with smart, witty and wonderful women.

Community is born from connecting and knowing people. Our hope is that these dinners foster relationships and give women a community outside their partners, their work life and their work-out class.

My community of women has quite literally saved my life a number of times. When I need a person to talk to, cry to or laugh with – my women are there. Finding these women was easy, but fighting for their continued friendship is hard work when life hits you with babies, careers and living states away. The fight is always worth it and our hope is that Writing Home Society can play into that journey.

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Mallory-Lehenbaur-AustinMallory Lehenbauer is a writer and entrepreneur. She’s also the Founder and Editrix in Chief of Writing Home Society.