Shohreh Davoodi of Shohreh Davoodi Coaching

Shohreh Davoodi of Shohreh Davoodi Coaching

Shohreh Davoodi is a prime example of what it means to be a girlboss.

With a career journey that led her to become an attorney, Shohreh took away many skills that she eventually realized would transfer to starting a business. “I didn’t get much intrinsic satisfaction from being an attorney. There was something incredibly appealing about being my own boss and creating my own path, so I left my legal career to take a chance on starting Shohreh Davoodi Coaching.”

Shohreh had previously embarked on a fitness journey of her own and found that there was a disconnect between women and the fitness industry. She decided to start Shohreh Davoodi Coaching, women’s wellness coaching with a focus on inner and outer strength through exercise, nutrition and mindset. Her mission is simple: give women the confidence to feel empowered about their strength and themselves.

Read on for her thoughts on the fitness industry, running a business, and her tips for a healthier lifestyle.


What motivated you to start Shohreh Davoodi Coaching?

I was motivated to start Shohreh Davoodi Coaching after strength training completely transformed my own body and mind. My transition from cardio queen to lifting lady took some time, but it was a catalyst for many other amazing things in my life, including my business. Years of weightlifting improved not only my physique and strength, but also my self-confidence, mental health, and how I choose to show up in the world. I started Shohreh Davoodi Coaching because I noticed that most women approach their health and wellness from a place of negativity, depression, and feeling like they are not enough. They have been told their whole lives that their perfectly normal female bodies are flawed and need to be fixed, and weight-loss and beauty companies continue to capitalize on those insecurities.

Most fitness professionals use similar tactics to bring in female clients, advertising that they can help clients get a bikini body, get toned for the summer, etc. But I believe that deep down women are craving a different approach. It is so empowering for women when they conclude that they already HAVE a bikini body just by virtue of having a body in the first place, and that exercise and nutrition are things they should do not because they hate their bodies, but because they appreciate their bodies and taking care of those bodies makes them feel good.

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What has been the most unexpected part of starting your own business?

The most unexpected part of starting my own business has been a bad case of analysis paralysis. There are so many choices out there for everything! From photographers to designers to tax software to fonts, when you are self-employed it feels like the options for every little thing are endless. It takes a lot of effort to not get stuck in limbo trying to make a decision. I’m learning that most of the time it’s better to choose something–anything–and see how it pans out. The beauty of being the (only) person in charge is that, for most things, you can always change your mind later.



“When you are self-employed it feels like the options for every little thing are endless.”


I love that you strive to help women improve their confidence. What motivated you to focus on women?

The amount of time and energy that women spend feeling bad about themselves because they don’t measure up to an arbitrary beauty standard is a real travesty. Think how much better of a place the world would be if we could all get back the hours we’ve wasted feeling anxious about our cellulite, stretch marks, thunder thighs, asymmetry, body fat, hair color, etc, and used them for other pursuits. I work with women because I want to be a small part of making the world that better place I know it can be if women learn to stand in their power with confidence. And while I know that men struggle with body image issues too, I think that I am in a unique place to help women because I have grown up with the same societal messaging as the women I work with. I managed to swim through that sea of bullshit and surface on the other side of it, and I think it’s my calling to help other women navigate that wary waterway, too.

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What advice would you give to someone who’s considering starting their own business?

To anyone considering starting their own business, I would say do your homework on the front end before you make the leap. Read, research, and follow or talk to people who are doing something similar to what you want to do and making it work. Starting a business requires so much time and hard work that you will feel absolutely miserable unless you really enjoy and feel passionate about what you’re doing. I work just as many hours now as I did when I was an attorney, but I barely notice because I love everything I’m working on and I am always excited to keep learning more.


“I work just as many hours now as I did when I was an attorney, but I barely notice because I love everything I’m working on and I am always excited to keep learning more.”


Favorite thing to do in Austin after a stressful week?

My favorite thing to do in Austin after a stressful week is go hiking in the Green Belt with my dog, Alamo, and grab an ice cream cone from Sweet Ritual with my husband.

What is your number one fitness tip?

If people would focus more attention on the “Big Rocks” of fitness and nutrition, they would be better off for it. Big Rocks are cornerstone concepts that matter the most–an idea popularized by the author Dr. Stephen R. Covey. The theory is that we need to work on the Big Rocks first or we won’t get to them at all because we’ll be too busy with all the small ones. When people want to get in shape, they jump straight to fancy and intense workouts, gobbling superfoods, doing juice cleanses, and buying special equipment (i.e., things that will have the least long-term impact). Instead, if they focused their attention on learning more important habits, such as consuming less processed foods, eating more fruits and vegetables, moving more, and learning to strength train, they would see sustainable results.

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How do you see Shohreh Davoodi Coaching growing over the next five years?

I am brimming with big ideas for Shohreh Davoodi Coaching over the next five years, so it’s hard to know what will stick in the long run. In that time period, I hope to be able to build my own home studio, offer in-person wellness retreats, provide more online programming (stay tuned for an entirely online transformation program for women coming this January, in fact), and maybe even write a book. As long as I can continue to help more women get stronger in body, mind, and spirit, then I am happy with the direction the business is going.


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